Lomography Digitliza holders scratching Kaiser lightpad :(

Hi all!

Has anyone else noticed the Lomography Digitliza holders scratching their light pads? Noticed this this morning with mine (apologies about the quality of the photo here!)

In order to prevent such scratches, I built this prototype from cardboard I had sitting around and my plan is to rebuild it later with a few modifications.
Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-01 um 13.50.50

From bottom up

  • Kaiser plano light panel.
  • Cardboard mask preventing light leaks from areas other than where the negatives go.
  • Cardboard strip that serves as a stop for the digitaliza 120 holder, strip glued to the mask.
  • The mask is attached to the light panel with gaffer tape. This lets me hinge away the mask.

This setup allows me to position the holder easily. I can simply slide it along that upper stop and never have to worry about adjustments other than in one direction.

Planned modifications

  • Mask to be made from thicker material. This moves the light panel away from the negative and out of focus, which helps against dust.

As for the scratches on your panel: They should not show up on your pictures if you keep the holder away (an inch or so) from the panel. I’d not try to polish the scratches away because it might make things even worse.