Sony a7ii Cross Reflections

Hi all,

I’ve been working on getting a setup together for scanning and have ended up with a Sony A7ii, Nikon 55 3.5 w/ pk tube (understand it’s a bit of a legend) and the rather predictable digitaliza and kaiser slimlite plano combo. It’s a PITA to set up but yields nice deep results, really like seeing the 35mm negs reproduced at 1:1.

However - It’s more often that not that my scans get this X of uneven light across the whole frame, I’ve tried blocking stray light from the entire light panel and surrounding areas (yes, and the sprocket holes), i’m working in a reasonably dark room and the lens, negatives and light panel are all clean and dust free. Could it be that the inside walls of the digitaliza are reflecting light or is this a case of Sony sensor reflections combined with the older coating on the Nikkor and increased distance with the tube?

I am considering looking for a native 1:1 macro lens or more modern nikon macro which won’t need an extension tube, although unsure if this will actually help.

Would appreciate your thoughts.

Difficult to say what might cause it…

Do you get the X when you take a shot of the backlight (all other things removed)?
Do you get the X when you add the DigitaLiza without film?
Do you get the X when you put some distance between DigitaLiza and backlight?
Do you get the X when you increase or decrease the distance between lens and backlight?

Can you post a screenshot of an image with a bad X?

Thanks very much - I’ll have a look at these and post back!