LR setting inverted?

Hi - it seems that with the new NL 2.1 my settings for Tone in LR CC have inverted? When I want to increase the exposure of an image for example to make an image lighter, I have to move the slider towards the left ? Did I do something wrong scanning ? I have used NL for a while - I scan as image, 48bit and save as Raw/DNG and then convert. This happens with both Color and B&W film.

Thanks for your help! Dick

No, That is how NL behaves (sadly). The inversion is achieved via sliding the curves feet over head so most other settings in LR go crazy.

I am not a developer but I wonder if this could be fixed. For now you need to make a TIFF copy and work ahead on that file. This is a shortcoming of this plug-in.

I am working with 500Mb 6x6 scans already so adding a TIF copy for post production adds another 500Mb of storage … 1Gb per photo seems a lot :flushed:

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I agree it’s a little confusing at first, but I wouldn’t want them to change it. It happens because your original scan file is a negative – the lightest tones of the subject are the darkest tones of the scan and vice-versa. Lightroom inverts the tones when displaying the file so it looks normal, but it’s still a negative – as you’ll find out if you open the scan file in an application that doesn’t respect Lightroom’s adjustments.

One of the guiding principles of Lightroom (and by extension NLP) is that your original file always remains untouched – all the adjustments you can make in Lightroom are non-destructive and can always be undone later if you change your mind or decide on a different interpretation for your image. That’s different from editing in (for example) Photoshop, where once you change the value of a pixel it is changed forever.

The fact that your original file is preserved also means that if Nate someday were to come out with a new version of NLP that did a better job in a certain kind of situation, you could go back and run the new NLP on all your old scan files and get all the benefits of the new version.

The “backwards” behavior of the Lightroom adjustments in an NLP scan make sense as long as you remember that your original scan file is still a negative. I remember that when I was learning to make prints in a traditional “wet” darkroom, I had a hard time getting my head around the concept that if I wanted my print to be darker, I had to give it more exposure on the enlarger, and if I wanted my print to be lighter, I had to give it less exposure. But after a few prints it began to seem more logical to me, and so it will to you!

I am not trying to diminish the developers’ well-appreciated effort. I am also no software engineer. I only know what parameters it uses to invert it and this produces a few caveats … I also see there are quite many presets (like film emulation) that tweak the image and yet leave all the parameters of LR neutral (so to say).

As I say I have no knowledge if this could be done via some preset proxy, however having the curves compressed to the steep slopes needed to reverse via curves makes them virtually useless for tweaking the original files.

Making tiff copies is the only way to progress and I feel your pain Dickie. The medium format files can get huge when captured with 2xfull frame and stitched …