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We are using NLP for a year now and it’s a great plugin, the new version is great ! thnaks for all these improvements !
But we experience something strange : after saving w/ stack photo in tiff file if we try to use the Developpment tools it’s totally non sense. Like using stauration goes from green to magenta instead of desaturating or giving colors more punchy.
Exposure is inverted, working with SHL on one color is worst.
Do you have an explanation ? Is there something we don’t do correctly.
We work on Mac OS High Sierra / Lightroom classic version 8.4.1
We use DSLR Scan method with Canon 5DSR.
Thanks for your help,

I think I may be experiencing same/similar issue (newbie, just purchased my copy)

OSX 10.14.6
Lightroom classic CC 9.1 (build 201911291132-64cf80b4), Camera raw 12.1
NLP: 69983296 Dec 30 22:11 - at default settings (convert, apply)
DSLR scan (Sony A7r4 full resolution ARW 123152384 Dec 30 22:29 DSC00005.ARW)

Problem: Lightroom controls work in reverse. E.g. increasing exposure in LR will decrease exposure (after converting negative in NLP). Same behavior for WB, Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks, … When inside NLP plugin (after CTLR+N), the NLP exposure etc. controls do work as expected. But when back in LR, they will work in reverse.

  • tried enabling / disabling plugin via LR plugin manager. No change in behavior.
  • tried removing plugin from LR (remove in LR plugin manager + from USER/Plugins (rm -rf Plugins/) and re-installing. No change in behavior.
  • tried resetting already converted photos in NLP, and in LR, closing LR and removing NLP, and reinstalling (as above). No change in behavior
  • Tried also converting and applying negatives using non-default settings. No change in behavior.
  • Tried rebooting computer. No change in behavior.
  • Downloaded NLP sample raw files and tried to convert them. No change in behavior (e.g. controls work backwards)

I am at loss of what to try next. Especially since I am pretty sure that it worked as it should ~4 weeks a go with a trial version of NLP.

This is how it works. Lightroom’s own controls will always operate on the original file’s data, which is of course a negative. Thus those controls will always be oddly reversed when used with negatives.

The controls inside NLP, however, are designed to work on an image whose fundamental data is a negative, and thus will operate correctly.

If you want to use Lightroom’s controls, you need to generate a positive TIF from NLP and make sure you’re editing that TIF copy. It will show up as a copy of the image in Lightroom. I stack it with the original negative and move the TIF to the top of the stack so I don’t accidentally edit the original negative.

This is how it works. Lightroom’s own controls will always operate on the original file’s data,

Thanks. And now that I watch the introduction videos again, that’s what they point out as well.

Hi Kimballistic,
Sorry to much work, didn’t received a notification…
Yes about Tiff copy but even on TIFF files generated by NLP everything is inverted and it’s not possible to use the development tools.
But if you modify in Photoshop and save it then you will have a TIFF file that is functional in LR.
It’s the solution I found.

I suspect you generated a positive TIF copy and then accidentally kept working on the original negative. There aren’t a lot of cues in LR’s interface to tell you which is which, and after making the TIF copy, LR leaves the negative as the currently selected image. You have to explicitly locate and select the TIF in order to keep working on it.

TIFs generated by NLP’s “make copy” option are absolutely positive color data.

Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 3.45.06 PM

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