Mac 2021 Lightroom version 5.0 build 2021 1012-0002-a1240ed

I have been unable to find information on the particular version of Lightroom that I have installed on my MAC.

  • full Adobe creative cloud subscription
  • macOS Big Sur latest
  • Mac mini Intel 2018
  • About Lightroom shows Version 5.0, build 2021 1012-0002-a1240ed

No mention of “classic.” No matching numbers of versions 6, 9, 10, etc.

Is my version supported by NLP?
Are plugins supported in my version of Lightroom?

Please point me to a thread or site that has information and I will study.

Thank you

NLP works as expected with this version of Lightroom Classic.
Lightroom version 5 is the cloud based version. NLP will not work with it.
Get LrC from the CC installer.

The forum contains a few posts about synchronisation issues.
Read those posts to prevent further headaches.

Thank you. I found this.