Lightroom CC (not classic CC) roadmap for plugin support?

Hello everybody. I made the jump after years of using open source sw for my photo processing and scanning to some Cupertino hw and Lightroom. I opted for the cloud based Lightroom solution (Lightroom CC), which is not the same as Lightroom Classic CC. It works great and keeps getting updates, bug fixes and new features. Adobe is clearly putting effort into it. Since moving to LR, I’ve been happily scanning my black and white negs with my DSLR set up and getting results I’m more than pleased with (both on 35mm and 120). I started developing my own colour C41 film quite recently and just before then I was assessing options for scanning colour negs. It seems that NLP is only available for Lightroom Classic CC and this is because there is no support for plugins in the CC (cloud based) Lightroom framework. I was wondering if @nate or other devs (?) are aware of any timelines or roadmap plans from Adobe where they may be looking to hook plugin support into the cloud based Lightroom, and therefore be able to (hopefully) support NLP being available to Lightroom CC users?
I appreciate that Adobe probably will never publish this sort of information, but I thought I’d ask anyway just to see.
Thanks for reading.
– Matt

Hi Matt,

If there is a roadmap for that, I’d love to see it! I’ve asked around and haven’t gotten a clear answer.

I have heard (from very good sources) that Adobe plans to continue releasing updates, bug fixes and new features for Lightroom Classic. I’ve also heard that there is a fair amount of internal dispute on the branding and naming of Lightroom Classic. The current name doesn’t do justice to the amount of support and new features that Adobe puts into it. Many people mistakenly believe that Lightroom Classic is somehow not receiving new features and support, just because of the name.

I think a better way to name the two would be something akin to “Lightroom Essential // Lightroom Pro”, or “Lightroom Cloud / Lightroom Desktop” – but they’ve sort of backed themselves into a corner with the way they’ve done this whole thing.

Anyway, I’d be the first the cheer on bringing plugins to what they (for now) call just “Lightroom.”

We will see!