Main window do not pop up

Win 10, Latest LRC


have you faced an issue where negative lab pro does not want to turn on and only shows cropped photo? The panel is invisible and there is no way to reverse the negative. The only option is to exit after through Esc button because nothing else can be done…
I installed NLP but it didn’t help. I also tried to re-upload the negative, same thing. Can’t find the solution…

Today I download NLP once again from main site after removing main folder for plugin path.
Also it was installed after removing and updating whole Lightroom.

Can you help how to make window visible?

It was on my third monitor :smiley: I use it just to monitor my PC temps and stuff. The overlay showing the info is set to be always on top and the pop-up was under it :expressionless:
This must sound ridiculous, but nothing like this ever happened before. I truly have no idea why it would behave like this as I have tools that force stuff not to be there…

I doubt you are using the same setup as I do, but who knows, maybe you have Spotify or Discord on 2nd monitor and the NLP pop-up will be under that.

I am having the exact same issue. [ESC] makes Lightroom usable, but NLP window never pops up. Reinstalling NLP doesn’t help.

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Issue solved.

The problem was actually that in the settings I had the action set under 2 screens. The problem despite this never occurred before. I also always thought that in order for the function to be fully “logical” and functional then a second monitor must be connected. As I mentioned I have always operated on one. The NLP window was invisible, did not even show up as a separate screen and was not under any of the applications. The problem was solved only when I changed the use under one monitor only in the settings. So if you have a problem then try setting the right screen as the main screen or switch only under 1.

It works without a problem, thank you for your advice.