NLP disappeared from Lightroom Classic / Computer

I just went to start up NLP in Lightroom Classic but for some reason nothing… I can’t see it on my computer anymore either which is odd. Nothing else has changed since I downloaded NLP some years ago now. I’m guessing my version is out of date - would this be why it disappeared completely? I was running v2.0, which I was emailed by Nate on June 14th so it is an older version but surely that wouldn’t be the reason it vanished?

Things don’t just vanish from a computer, but they can be re-installed anytime…

You can also search for installation locations in the guide, which can be accessed in the black bar above and see if anything is in the expected places. If they are, you can possibly reconnect Lightroom to NLP with the directions given in the guide.

Are you using macOS or Windows.


If for some reason, your Lightroom Preferences get reset, it may be that the plugin manager no longer is loading Negative Lab Pro.

You should be able to go to “File > Plugin Manager”, click “Add” and find the “NegativeLabPro.lrplugin” file to add it back.