Messed up colors and tones after a RESET and New Conversion


Is there a proper reset to a conversion if I want to make a new one from scratch?

I am asking because whenever I hit the RESET option in LR and then try and make a new conversion, with NLP v.2.3.0b I always got a Black & Green image, whilst with the new version v.2.4.2 I end up with an over saturated image with a heavy yellow-green color cast.

Please refer to this screenshot(*):

(*) the image on the right is a different frame compared to the one on the left, but, color wise, it is exactly the same as the left one after the original batch conversion or if I sync with the settings of the left image … I just took the screenshot from the LR filmstrip for convenience.

That happens to all images, regardless of the film stock, which were batch converted.

I searched the forum and it seems I am the only one having this issue

I don’t think it has anything to do withe the camera or lens models, however, I am using:
Camera: Nikon D800
Lens: Tokina ATX Pro Macro 100/2.8D
Light source: Slim LED illuminated tracing light box

Thanks in advance!


Hey Nic –

Resetting the image in LR alone doesn’t do the full job. Be sure to unconvert the image in NLP too. Ideally you go backwards with everything… Unconvert in NLP, Reset in LR and then start fresh.

Hope this helps!

– Chris

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Thank you for your response and your help, Chris.

That’s it! Exactly what I was looking for … for the life of me, I do not know why I could not see the UN-CONVERT option up until now, while it has been staring at me the whole time.

May I ask you one last question? Do you know the difference between “Reset Photo” and “UN-CONVERT”, as in the following screenshot?

I have gone again through the user’s guide and cannot find any reference for “Reset Photo”. Hence, I am assuming that both achieve the same result of removing any editing applied by NLP to the XMP file?

Thanks again and king regards,

Hey – When you click the “Reset Photo” link, it’ll show you a pop-up, explaining what it’ll do. To be fair, I didn’t see a big difference and have no idea of the inner workings of NLP and what it may do differently.

Unconverting in NLP + Resetting in LR is what works for me all the time, so I stick to that :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much!
Much appreciated!
I shall follow your method too.

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