Is there an "unconvert" option?

I’ve done some searching in the forums here, generally with google, and YouTube - the docs just say “use unconvert” but there is no unconvert option in the UI. I have an image that has been converted twice - I’m sure there are ways to undo everything NLP has done through editing, but I’d like to use the “unconvert” option that is referenced in the docs. Does NLP have this functionality or is this referring Edit > Undo.

I am using the latest version of NLP - v3.0.2

Thank you!

Once I went into “develop” in LR for this photo, I hit the “Reset” option which reverted image back to unconverted state. Then I was able to re-use NLP to convert the negative. I would recommend updating documentation to read “undo” or “reset image” rather than “unconvert” since there seems to be no such option.

I’m still on MLP 2.x and it has an unconvert option that only appears on the first tab when a converted image is selected.

Thanks for that - maybe the metadata for the particular image I was working with was messed up.

Yes, @digitzer is correct. If an image has been converted previously with Negative Lab Pro, when you open the image in Negative Lab Pro and go to the "convert’ tab, you will see the option to “unconvert” the image.

In your case, it sounds like the metadata may have gotten out of sync a bit. So yes, if you open an image in NLP that appears to be converted, but NLP is giving you the option to convert it, in that case you would want to reset the image in Lightroom itself, and then use NLP to convert.