Minolta Spotmeter M

Anyone use a Minolta Spotmeter M please? I am thinking of buying one as the Pentax Digital Spotmeters are just outrageous in price.

Thanks, got one, not sure about it though. Should have just gone with the Pentax Digital from the very first. Ah well!

Older thread, but… If you go back in market looking, the Minolta Flashmeter VI is awesome - been using it for years. Awesome 1° spot, plus awesome incident meter and a fast/intuitive readout. Not as good for zone shooters, but better for everyone else. Minolta transferred the rights a good while back and its still made new (updated slightly) as the Kenko KFM-2200, but it’s still almost the exact same unit. My favorite by far.

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Thanks for your reply. I did end up buying a Pentax spot metre at a price that was reasonable, and it’s fantastic, as it’s a digital/analogue hybrid.