Used 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 Camera? Should I invest?

I am thinking of getting a used MF camera, preferably a 2 1/4 x 2 1/4. I had Hasselblads for my wedding and portrait business in the 90’s. Sold them- dummy.
Would like to get a basic 500CM.

Am I out of line? Is MF film going to be here in 5 years?

Would love your thoughts.

Thank you,

Who knows, it’s your decision.

Do you actually plan to shoot film and develop and process it? And for what reason?
If you find answers to these questions, you might have the reasons to get a camera or not.

Sounds like spoiling the fun?

a hobby. no develop- send it out. just enjoy the “analog” segment of photography.

Thanks for your note it’s what I am looking for.

Easy. Get the camera and enjoy the hobby!

As for myself, I’ve been interested in an SWC for a looong time, but never got one. :man_shrugging:

There’s oodles of 120 film right now. And lots of “pop up” ones to. Check out Freestyle and Film Photography Project for lowest prices (though you do pay shipping, so buy lots and lots at one time).

thank you. sad that the EPA has banned a substance in Velvia and Fuji is discontinuing it in the States. I love that film.

120 film should still be here for the next decade, if the hobbyist community remains strong. When we Boomers die off, it may be harder for the film companies to justify the existence of it, but who knows?

Digital is inherently a superior medium for all its sharing advantages, but film has a look that many find appealing. The experience of using a very expensive recording medium in a completely manual camera can be pleasantly challenging, as well.

Go to the big online dealers and and search for 120 films. I just did… I am impressed! B&H lists 54 120 films, and Adorama lists 44. Some are brands I never heard of before the fall of Kodak and its reincarnation as Kodak Alaris.

Rather than 6X6 why not a 6X4.5. Lots of them available and generally cost less than a Hassy. Of course, I’m one to talk - I have both a 6X6 and a 6X4.5 both are Zenza Bronica. Of course, both together cost less than a Hassy.

I know, no help at all :slight_smile:

Actually, a great help. A 6x4.5 is probably where I’ll go now due to the Hasselblad prices.
Thanks all!

Check old cameras for good gasket material. It can get loose its elasticity which can lead to light leaks.