Vision 3 - ECN2 lab in the US

Hi folks!

I’d love to hear experiences around shooting stills with feature film negative and trusted places where to develop it. I’ve never been good at developing myself, so I’d love to get advice for a good lab and if they could eventually do bleach bypass. I just bought some 120 film rolls from eBay that hopefully, they’re in good shape and real Vision 3 film.


I’m a huge fan of this film. I’ve also started developing it myself but to test to see if I like the look of the film I sent it to Color Lab out in Maryland.

They scan a lot of video production Vision3 so they know what they’re doing and they’re happy to scan some stills for you too. Not sure about bleach bypass though. They’re pricey so I don’t think that you’ll want to consistently send your film to them but it’s one of the few places in the US that actually uses ECN-2 process.

I’m interested to see the results with this film processed in ECN-2 chemistry and converted with NLP. I wonder are there any benefits to 50D/250D over Portra 160/400?