Moving LR and Catalogs to new PC with Win 11: Images get reprocessed getting color cast

When I open a catalog on the new PC images are beginning to recalculate with a message in the histogram and resulting in a shift in the histogram to the right and the pictures are strongly overexposed.
Does somebody know wy this happens and what can be done about that.
Thank you

Moving Lightroom to a new computer is best done e.g. like this:

Have you moved your Lr Catalog to the new computer?

Yes, I moved my catalog via USB-Stick to the new computer. I moved the pictures to an external SSD-Drive. There was no need to find the pictures because the old drive (internal) and the new drive have the same ID (D:).


You need to ensure that you install Negative Lab Pro on the new computer, or at least make sure that you add the RAW profiles to the new Lightroom install. The images are changing appearance because the RAW profiles that are the foundation for the image are not present on the new PC.

You can add the RAW profiles in Lightroom Classic by going to “File > Import Develop Presets and Profiles” and then add in the profiles from the Negative Lab Pro download. There will be several different folders: “Vuescan Profiles” “NegativeLab Profiles” and “NLP Enhanced Settings.” To be safe, you can add all the files from within each of those folders.


Thank you for helping. I copied during the installation all these folders to the LR like described in your File “Windows installation”. To be sure I now tried to import them once again with“File > Import Develop Presets and Profiles”. Then I got the answer, that it is not possible because all the files are already imported.
In the old PC I had an other username, could that be the problem?

I have also tried to scan new negatives on the new PC and this works good so far.


It’s also possible that the correct profiles were not present when you converted them on the old computer, and are now present on the new computer.

To check, take an image on the new computer that appears to have loaded incorrectly, and then change the profile to “Adobe Color.” If this makes the image go back to normal, this means that the correct profiles were missing on the old computer that converted them.


The check shows in fact exactly what you described. After changing the profile to “Adobe Color” the picture is normal.

Can you explain why this can happen? The pictures on the old computer were also normal. Where in the program or the picture is the link to the correct profile and how can I check this?

But more interesting is the question how to repair now all the moved pictures?
Can I simply change the profile to “Adobe color” for all pictures or does this has negative consequences for further changes in LR’s developing or with the NLP plug in?

Is there an other way without consequences?

Thank you

When you run Negative Lab Pro, it automatically tells Lightroom to set the camera profile to “Negative Lab v2.2.” If that profile isn’t there, then Lightroom typically will keep using the default profile (usually “Adobe Color” as the underlying profile. The profile may appear to change names, but you will usually see a small warning that says “profile missing.”

So if you convert your image will the profile is missing, it will be converted using the default profile as the “base”, but it will continue to look for the correct profile. If it later finds the correct profile (in this case, because the profile was on the new setup), then it will apply the profile, which will result in a mismatch between the profile used to analyze the image, and the profile being applied now.

For all your previous conversions, you can safely change the profile “Adobe Color” and it should go back to how it was before you moved your catalog. You can do this as a batch operation to save time. First, change just one conversion to Adobe Color, and then additionally select all the other photos you want to change, and hit the “sync settings” (or just “sync” if you are in the develop module). You only need to select the “Treatment and Profile” option to sync.

However, you should see much better by using the new profiles as the base of the conversion.

To do this, simply select the previously converted photos, open Negative Lab Pro, and go to the convert tab and select “Unconvert.” Then hit the “convert negatives” button and it should analyze these correctly on the new profile.


Thank you,
one additional question: When I take the option “unconvert” and “convert” all my manually made corrections (in NLP and/or LR) are then lost, is that correct?

When you “unconvert → reconvert” the settings inside the “edit” tab in NLP should remain the same as before. For instance, if you had previously set the tone profile to “cinematic” then it should still be set at “cinematic” after the re-conversion. Of course, some of the previous edits you had made were in reference to the previous conversion, so they may no longer be settings that you wish to have, in which case, you can hit the “reset” text button at the top right of the edit window, and this will reset all the edits back to the software default.