I have to un-convert an reconvert my negatives when going from Windows to MacOS

I was trying to find this topic but I couldn’t so I’ll give it a try, to see if anyone can help me.

I have the plug-in installed in my Dell laptop and my iMac. Everything went smooth with the installation and it runs perfectly in both computers. I have a separate Lightroom Catalog for my analog photography, that lives in an external SSD. I prefer to import the files to my laptop because I don’t do the scanning where I have my desk (iMac).

The problem occurs when I open that same catalog in the iMac, the converted files look apparently the same until I click on them. At that point they change to a desaturated, low contrast washy image. The only way around (that I know) is to un-convert and reconvert with NLP. The weirdest part is that when I open the plug-in the settings remain the same from one computer to the other, I actually take note so that I can achieve the same look after the reconvertion.

I’m using LR Classic in both computers, one catalog in an external SSD, 2 different computers, 2 different OS. Working with raw files (Fujifilm X-T3). Don’t know what else could be relevant.

I know that I can probably export tiffs files, wich I’m planning to do, but I don’t understand why this is happening.
Please advice :pray:
And thank you, Negative Lab makes my life so much easier.

This sounds like a camera profile issue. I think I know what is going on…

Ok, yeah. Adobe made an update to the underlying standard profile for X-T3. There was a problem with how their original profile interpreted white balance. See here → Solved: White Balance Problems with Fujifilm X-T3 And Adob... - Adobe Support Community - 10073594

The newest version of Negative Lab (as of v2.1) includes that update to the underlying profile (while the versions prior to v2.1 are based off the older, flawed profile).

If you updated Negative Lab Pro to version 2.1 or later on the Mac, it would have replaced that older camera profile. Whereas with Windows installation you would have had to manually overwritten the old one.

SO… I’m guessing that you converting the files on Windows based on the older profile, and then on the mac, it recognizes the newer profile and updates the preview when you click on it to reflect the newer profile. That’s why you need to unconvert/reconvert to get it to look right.

Depending on your workflow, you can do one of two things:

Option 1: Update the NLP camera profiles on Windows to the profiles from the latest download. (This will then require you to unconvert/reconvert your existing files on Windows, which is a pain, but in theory it should produce some white balance improvements and will have better compatibility in the future).

Option 2: Overwrite the newer profile on mac with the older profile. This should eliminate the current issue you are having, but could be a pain for future compatibility and may not produce as consistent of results. You can download the older XT3 profile here. You would just need to then manually overwrite the newer profile, which should be located at Macintosh HD / Users / [your username] / Library / Application Support / Adobe / CameraRaw / CameraProfiles / NegativeLab Camera Profiles /

Hope that helps!

Hi there, thanks for the rapid response.
I installed NLP for the first time after the release of v2.1 in both Windows and Mac. Do I still need to update the profile in Windows or could it be something else, how could I have an older profile if I never installed previous versions of NLP?
I check the link you sent me from the Adobe Community.

Do you have the same release of LR Classic on both systems (9.1 is the latest I believe).
Did you manually install the NLP profiles on Windows?
On Windows, does it correctly show the profile as being “Negative Lab v2.0” with no profile warnings?
On Mac, does it correctly show the profile as being “Negative Lab v2.0” with no profile warnings?
On Mac, have you restarted Lightroom after install?

Based on what you’ve said, I still think it is some kind of profile or installation issue…


I checked everything and… I have the Profile Missing warning in Windows, obviously I did something wrong. Now I’m seen the white balance shift for the first time, because I never did the round trip before (mac to windows) in color, and in B&W it doesn’t show :roll_eyes:

Thank you!

Bingo! Ok, in your case, you’ll want to go back over the Windows installation instructions, and make sure you have correctly added the camera profiles, and restart Lightroom.

You’ll then need to unconvert/reconvert in Windows to do a conversion with the correct underlying profile (in your case, you may also want to reset the NLP settings, since the previous settings were based on the wrong profile)… to unconvert and reset the NLP settings, select all of your previous converted images, open NLP, go to the “convert” tab, and select “Reset Photo”.) You’ll want to make sure that you can manually select the “Negative Lab v2.0” profile before proceeding. In some cases, the warning from LR will persist even though you now have the underlying profile added… you can dismiss the warning by manually selecting the Adobe Color profile, and then manually selecting the Negative Lab v2.0 profile.


I’ll take care of this tonight and send you an update.

I managed to do it earlier. Problem solved!
Also the Hotkey! That little thing is a huge time saver.

After installing the profiles I only had to reconvert (batch) the B&W files and they preserve NLP settings. The color files had been reconverted on the iMac before, now they look correctly on both computers.

Thank you!

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