Need help setting up Nikon D70s screen viewing on small digital computer

I cannot get my camera screen to be viewable on tv probably because I don’t know the proper channel set up. Any suggestions would be appreciated. James Crocker

Hi @ledeane, have you tried the manual? Or a search in the internet? “Connect Nikon D70 to TV” brought up a few results that might solve your issue…

Is your camera and or TV capable of casting.

I have 2 SMART TVs one a lot smarter than the other. I use a Chrome dongle on the dim TV and my WiFi enabled cameras work fine with both TV.

Thanks for your assistance. After looking all through the internet and finding no real answers, I decided to check the Nikon cord with an ohm meter. The cord doesn’t work anymore! I found a used one on Amazon so maybe this will fix this problem. Thanks again. James Crocker