Negative Lab Pro V Lightroom 3.2.1

I have just downloaded Adobe Lightroom 3.2.1 and I also downloaded the Windows version of Negative Lab Pro (Free Version to start with) for home use.
My laptop is on Windows 10.
The installation instructions for Negative Lab Pro are as below…BUT…at point 3 below I am not given the “Preset” tab option!!!
What do I do?

On windows, there is not an automatic installer, but it is pretty easy to install manually.

  1. Unzip your download
  2. Open Lightroom (if it is not open)
  3. In Lightroom, got to “Edit -> Preferences” and select the “Preset” tab
  4. Click “Show Lightroom Presets Folder”
  5. In the explorer window that opens, navigate to the “CameraProfiles” folder.
  6. Copy the entire folder “NegativeLab Camera Profiles” (from your unzipped download) into this CameraProfiles folder.


You need Lightroom Classic (the desktop-focused app) or Lightroom 6 to run Negative Lab Pro. It will not run on what adobe now calls just “Lightroom CC” - which does not have plugin capabilities.

Lightroom Classic is included in the basic photography plan from Adobe. Just download it, and then go through the installation steps for Negative Lab Pro to get it up and running! In addition to allowing plugins, Lightroom Classic has loads of other great features that are still missing in their other Lightroom offering.