Windows Installation NLP 2.3 Presets on Lightroom 11


I have recently installed Adobe Suite in a new computer with Windows 10 X64.

I was trying to install new version NLP v2.3 from scratch, with no previous version on installed on Lightroom version 11.

In the Setup in Windows (of your online help) the setup instruction says:

5.- In the explorer window that opens, navigate to the “CameraRaw\CameraProfiles” folder.

I cannot find any “CameraRaw\CameraProfiles” subfolder in my Lightroom Presets Folder.

I understand that starting in an old update of Lightroom, there was going to be some kind of sychronizing between Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.

Maybe they have a folder in common, or something like that, but I cannot find it.

Any suggestions?




It’s probably easiest in LrC to just go to “File > Import Develop Presets & Profiles” and then navigate to the Negative Lab Pro download, and add the camera profiles from there.

Thank you very much, Nate.

I have received an error window (in Lightroom Classic, not in Adobe Camera Raw) saying that the camera and Camera Profiles have been already imported.

It’s not true, but your suggestion is correct, so I will work on that, because now I know how to deal with the problem, after your help.

Thanks! Juan