Negative Supply 99CRI 4x5 Basic

Anyone have any experience with this light?

I’ve purchased one from B&H and had to return it due to a hot spot and what I feel is poor light output.
Got the replacement today and it has the same issue. In a different spot, but still terrible for something that costs $300.

Just trying to see if I have just been unlucky or what.

Thanks for any informant.

Definitely unlucky. Mine was perfect out of the box.

Defintely unlucky, yes. Mine is perfectly even lid. As I was curious how these things are build, I opened mine up. The LED strips are positioned sideways and shine into a prism plate. This spot looks like your plate might have been hit and a prism lens is broken.

Its crazy. Two for two. Trying to gauge if I want to try for a hat trick. LOL

It would be interesting to see what it looks like inside if you have photos.

Don’t have photos of it, but I’ll make some before my next scan session. Happy to share them here.

After taking directly to negative supply, I ended up purchasing one more. They said they would double check to make sure this one was correct before shipping.
Pretty happy with their response, and hopeful that the third time is the charm.

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Third time worked! light source showed up quickly and works very well.


Almost forgot I wanted to share these images to showcase the inner workings of the lightpad. So, here we go!

It’s interesting to see this, impressive that they can achieve even illumination from what they call ‘side diffusion’ in this way with just strips of 12 LEDs at opposite sides, the 95 CRI Basic looks to be constructed in the same way. If the prism plate is Prismatic Extruded Acrylic then I know it can quite easily develop little cracks if it’s not handled carefully so that’s probably what was wrong with the examples that had to be returned.