Anyone know the CRI rating of the newish Kodak LED Light Box?

Looking to upgrade from 95 CRI, but I’m not really thrilled enough with my current Negative Supply products to want to buy their 99 CRI option, and I’m unaware of others.

This “Kodak” product on Amazon came out this year (Amazon link claims:

  • 98% ACCURATE COLOR RESTORATION | While Inferior Models Only Reach 92%-95% Accuracy, Our Professional-Quality LED Light Board Achieves Rich, Brilliant, True-to-Life Color & Original Image Replica Up to 98% | High-End Photographic Light Source & Diffusion Acrylic Help Distribute Light Evenly, Eliminating Glare & Hot Spots

Think it’s clever marketing to make you think they’re talking about CRI, or not so clever marketing that fails to use the common term? My guess is the former, but I think I’d have to buy one to even get the contact information of the manufacturer.

Which Negative Supply products do you have? Why aren’t you happy with them?

You’d have to say that it doesn’t really impress, more for hobbyists I would think, they would state the CRI clearly if they were proud of it, build quality, or lack of it, seems to be an issue.

A lot of people seem to use the Viltrox L116T, can’t recall seeing any complaints though you may need to be a bit inventive when laying it flat, or get hold of a 3D-printed designer support for it.

I’m looking for a system to buy and also would like to know why you are not impressed with the NS. Thank you

I’m in the middle of moving this weekend, but when I get a chance I’ll write up my thoughts on my NS setup. I’ve had 100+ hours sitting in the dark thinking about it, so it might be more manifesto than review.