Does anyone have experience with the SmallRig P200 Beauty Panel Video Light?

Hi there, first post here.

I wonder if anyone has experience using the SmallRig P200 Beauty Panel Video Light? SmallRig say it has a cri of 98, and it seems like it would be excellent for the price.

Just wondering what your thoughts are if you’re using one or you’ve used one before

I was wondering the same thing.

Seems like the USB socket is somewhat annoying that its on the back and not the side. I suppose a 3D printed case and right angle adapter or right angle cable could help. Seems to be side lit similar to the Raleno 116 and 192 lights which should help uniformness.

Seems like no one is really actually testing these lights true CRI though. My guess is their actual CRI is less than 95-97 cri.

Perhaps I’m not looking hard enough but the industry as a whole seem pretty opaque about how they do these tests, and, if the lights offer different colour temperatures. what is the CRI for these different colour temperatures, what is the R9 value etc. Certainly the magic tag line ‘greater than 95 CRI’ sells a lot of LED panels

I ended up buying one and it is pretty good. The light is even and the results I’m getting are good. I modified the foam insert it came in to allow the cable to run through a channel at the bottom, and I use the insert as a holder for the light, works fine.

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