Newbie Questions

I find myself with many thousands of 35mm and hundreds of 120 negs to scan.Too many to wade through with a Coolscan or similar.

I have a D800E, but like the idea of seeing a liveview positive with a tethered D850…is the D850 the only camera that can invert in liveview? Is there a way it can be done with D800E tethered to anything?

Which Macro…Sigma 105mm, Nikkor 60mm or Nikkor 105mm?

Negative Supply pro 35 or Valoi for speed and flatness?

Apologies if I kick over a hornets nest or touch on anything I’m not supposed to.


Good evening,

For BW images, I created a Picture Control setting for my D5500 which inverts the negative for “Live View” on display and also for positive JPG output alongside the RAW file. Nikon provides its “Picture Control Utility 2” and there’s also

Quality-wise the positive JPG is of course crappy, but for Live view and BW images works fine. Especially if you have masked off the area around your negative as it helps you positioning the frame under lens.


Thanks Carsten…I shall investigate

Do you use Lightroom? I will sometimes do the DSLR scanning tethered into Lightroom. Now I just bring the negative in as I see it through the viewfinder but in this video he shows that you can also apply a preset on import - but I haven’t tried it myself! So you just need to create an ‘invert’ preset unless there is one ready made that you can use (I’m still using 6.14 so I don’t know about the latest CC versions, I know setups are handled differently.