Nikon IV vs Epson V600

There is a guy in my area selling a Nikon Coolscan IV for $200 and there is also another person selling an Epson V600, which scanner should I get? I am only shooting 35 mm film right now. I don’t know if there are any experienced scanner’s who could give their opinion?


Coolscan IV will be far ahead in just about every way for 35mm, you might need to clean the mirror depending on how it has been stored, but it’s worth the effort. If you use Windows, you can use Nikon Scan after a bit of troubleshooting, or you’ll need to factor in a vuescan or Silverfast license into the cost

I second bbbbbb. Nikon Coolscan IV is a much better scanner. The original software is no longer supported but VueScan will do the job very well indeed. Silverfast is arguably more sophisticated but also more expensive and more complicated.