Nikon Zf - Missing Profile in Lightroom Classic

I’ve got a missing profile error in Lightroom classic with film ‘scanned’ using my Nikon Zf. Is there somewhere I can download the correct camera profile?

Hi @nate,

Do you have a profil for Nikon Zf ?

Best and happy new years.

Sorry for the delay, @lsmith and @Alec_Sanders !

I’ve updated the new profiles folder to include a profile for the Nikon Zf…

After downloading, just go to “File > Import Develop Profiles and Presets” inside of Lightroom Classic, and then add this downloaded file.

Please note, if you converted any images while the profile was “missing” you may see this images change once Lightroom is able to find the profile… In this case, I’d recommend opening the images in Negative Lab Pro, and going to the “Convert” tab and clicking to “Unconvert” and then convert them fresh.

OR, if really want to keep previous conversions looking as they were beforehand, you can change the profile to “Adobe Color” and it should go back to previous…


@nate, a big thank-you.