NLP 22, Hell drum scanner workflow

Hey all, Walker Blackwell here. I’ve been drum scanning raw since 2004-ish on just about every type of scanner out there. I’m now at Cone Editions Press (first fine art digital print lab on planet earth) and we are running raw HDR Silverfast tiffs on a Hell drum scanner. Hellga is a beast and creates beautiful raw scans but for color negs I’m seeing an issue with NLP making reds go a bit magenta. There seems to be a pretty sharp split between the red and magenta hues along with a pretty sharp distinction between red and yellow as well.

Right now I have a client who prefers the punchy+smooth Noritsu look. Noritsu however generally compresses magenta into the red spectrum, super pumps the red and increases the red luminance by about 50%. It also takes yellow/greens and makes them much more cyan fuji-crystal-archive green, compresses those greens into one color, and then also saturates them. This is not the case with the current “Noritsu” simulation in NLP.

Workflow currently: drum scan raw at gamma 3 (this keeps the tiff pretty open) + Tiff scan prep at custom of 3 gamma. Invert in medium sat Noritsu and Pakon base then linear flat so I have enough to work on in photoshop.

(screen shots unable to post because I’m a new user)

I see too much magenta in the reds. This does not appear when inverting with other methods . . .

your suggestions welcome,

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In order for us to be able to support you better, you could post your screenshots (and files, if possible) on a sharing platform and add the link to your post. :+1: