NLP and frontier

My plan is to scan negatives in lab on Frontier with no settings and then use NLP to turn negatives into images and setup my edits, then LR classic for final correction.

Is it right way?

Also Frontier offers 8 bit, but in NLP Scanning best practice section said Scan as 48bit TIFF (i.e. 16-bit per channel), how to figure it out?


Do you mean the Fuji S500 film scanner with its Landscape 12 software? When you say scan in lab, do you mean using the Lab* colour space? If so, I don’t see any reason to use this as the colour space when just about anything you are likely to do with those scans will be in one or another RGB colour space, and the image editing applications you are most likely to use post-scanning work with RGB spaces. So you may as well start with that. To make sure your scan captures the full dynamic range and colour palette of your media, if you intend to print the scans, and to make sure of the smoothest possible tonal gradation, I would recommend using ProPhoto colour space and 16-bit processing. Do as much of your image editing as possible in NLP, because many of Lightroom’s tools will not work as expected on NLP-converted negatives. Experiment with each and you’ll soon understand their respective limitations and possibilities.