Should I use LR presets for import after scanning? Or none?

I am a new user and wish to avoid as many problems as I can. I’ve read the guide and scanned the forum topics, but did not run across this particular question I have (or I may have missed it instead).

Question: I normally would use one of my user presets when importing a digital RAW image into LR. Should I do that for the capture of the negative? Or should I import as is, use NLP first, then do my tweaking in LR / PS?

By the way, if you’ve read this far, any suggestions on best setting to use in NLP beyond what is in the guide would of course be welcome. :slight_smile:

In case it matters, I’m using:
Lightroom Classic CC
Sony A6300 with 35mm lens and a 16mm extension tube (I know, but I can’t afford the macro I want)
A custom camera scanning setup that I built.
The negatives are from the 70s and early 80s, probably either Kodak or Fuji

Thank you in advance,

I wouldn’t bother with any develop presets, other than for batch cropping and maybe white balance. Other than that, use NLP. After you process with NLP, your develop presets will give unexpected results. You’ll have to export your processed raw capture as TIFF or JPEG, reimport to Lightroom, and then try your develop presets.

OK. Thanks. I’ll import the camera scanned negative using no preset. Then do all my processing in NLP. I can always save as TIFF and modify further if necessary.