Which cameraprofile to stsrt with?

When I import a RAW-photo to Lightroom a cameraprofile is added. It could be one from Adobe or a (in my case a Fuji) profile to mimick a camera-jpg-profile or it could be a profile i bought or made myself. Which one is decided in my LR-preferences > presets >RAW-defaults. Sofar so good.

My question: for the sake of NLP working its best on my RAW-files from Fuji X-H1 where I have digitally scanned/photographed my colournegatives of many different sorts - which profile should I start with? Or it doesn´t matter at all? (I know that NLP automatically uses it´s own profile when converting).

Regards, Bosse

Welcome to the forum, @BosseK. You already gave the answer in between brackets. No matter what profile you choose before using NLP, your selection will be overruled by NLP and its own profiles.

I’ve experimented with NLP profiles for use on digital images (not of colour negatives) and find that they provide a good starting point with good highlight retention and “film look” for many an image. I can always add more “punch” (if needed or wanted) by using whatever Lightroom’s tools provide.

Hi and thx for the welcome.

That NLP overrules (as does all other profiles when one applies them) the prvious was my assumption and now I have it confirmed. Thanks.

When working with my ordinary Fuji RAW-files I have a speciallymade soft and light (grey some would call it) profile that makes sure I don´t loose any blacks or whites and at the same tie keeps almost all colours within AdobeRGB. Very easy and good start for further work in LR-dev and Photoshop.

Do you mean a profile or a preset? How did you create the profile?

I mean a profile. A long time since I played around with it but you can create one via an existing preset via CameraRAW or start in Photoshop LUTs and then save that via Camera RAW. If I remember right I first looked at a tutorial from Matt Kloskowski: https://mattk.com/make-lightroom-photoshop-profiles-luts/
I also googled “how to make a profile for camera raw”.

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