Lightroom Profile - use and behavior in Conversion

Using NLP v 3.0.2 with Lightroom Classic 13.0.1 and love it. As I get back up to speed with NLP after not needing it for a while, discovered I don’t understand what NLP is doing with the LR Profile.

When I first look at an imported negative in LR Develop, the Develop Profile shows “Adobe Color.” After converting in NLP, I see a different profile, “Negative Lab v2.3 - Frontier”. In the Convert panel, I used Digital Camera, Basic Color Model, 4-Medium Pre-Sat and zero border because had cropped.

Can I tell NLP which profile to use? Should I assume that all edits are to be made in the Apply panel and not in LR as I’ve read your direction with regard to presets?

I believe I understand that if other LR edits are desired, e.g. using the mask tools, that is best done on a Positive copy of the image.

What you see is how Lr and NLP work in tandem. First. Lr selects its default profile (which you can define in Lr’s preferences/settings), and upon use, NLP selects the profile that fits the negative and/or its conversion. All of this is expected and it’s best to leave both Lr and NLP do their job. If you like, you can check what happens when you select a different profile in order to learn, whatever the lesson will be.

Working on a positive copy (16 bit tiff has the widest reserves for changes) certainly normalises the slider behaviour, but many things can be done without positive copy. There is no right or wrong, but possibly easy or more complicated…and everything comes at a price, e.g. due to file size.

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Thank you. Am pleased to confirm the process. It makes complete sense.

After processing about 90 images in the current version with excellent results, I’m again appreciating NLP v3 as a key tool.