Noise in negative scan

For first, i apologize for my bad bad english, its not my first language but i will try my best
I need some help for this negative scan with a DSLR (Canon 250D). This problem only occurs in this particular instance (or when its a low exposure negative). The other negatives is complettly perfect. I now this is a negative with a bad exposure value from the SRL but the file i recevid from lab is not so bad (last file is from lab)(i still scan the negative from the lab, the next step is develop from myself).
The backlight is from a LED strip and a acrylic difuser.

Really thanks from any kind of help

Hi @LightStrike71

could you add the second version (the one from the lab you spoke about) as a besser comparison?

Hi @pablo

Thanks for your reply
I attatch the files. The best image (first) is from the lab and the worst is the image i scan and have 1/60" exposure (with ISO100 and F11), the middle one is 1/15" and the reasonble is 5" seconds exposure. For the diferent exposure i increase the LED strip brighthness.
The temperature K value is almost the same but the 1/60" is warmer and with more contrast and saturation.

Same problem I also have with underexposed images.
First approach should be to not underexpose film negatives, because you miss clearly a lot of details here.

If you want to save your own scan of underexposed images, my approach is most of the time to scan it in a medium way (like your one in the middle) and turn down the black point in the curve. (bring in more contrast and make black a real black without the magenta in it)

If that doesent help I would try to convert it to a black and white one to be honest.

Maybe someone else has an another idea to get it closer to your lab scan. Good luck and don’t underexpose film negatives. :wink:

In such cases, I bracket the scanning shots an see which is best, Sometimes it helps, sometime it does not, in which case I make it b&w as proposed in the post above.

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