Unhappy with my DSLR scans

Hi people,

I really don’t like the results of my scans. Photos below are my setup (d780 + 60mm macro) and I added a scan I really don’t like; especially it’s sharpness and weird colors. These were all shot on my Minolta x700 + 50mm 1.7 + 28mm 2.8. Mostly shot on ultramax 400 & color plus 200. What am I doing wrong?

Your setup looks like permitting lots of stray light, which can do many weird things when capturing film.

Please check the guide to improve your results. Guide | Negative Lab Pro

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@robveldmanfotografie Hey, that’s a cool photo! Speaking of scanning quality it is really hard to tell what’s wrong as there are too many variables involved like exposure, development and exposure during scanning. I recently made a development mistake and under-cooked my film, producing lower-contrast negatives. NLP really struggled with those!

I will say though that @Digitizer is right: you should not have so much light blazing right into the lens. Ideally you want everything blocked out, i.e. the backlit negative must be surrounded by absolute blackness. I can’t say this is the reason your results are disappointing, but it is a well-known anti-pattern.

Three things that will improve your scans massively:

  1. Get a decent video light: Raleno ones are famous for being low priced and good quality for example. Cheap led panels are the worst unless you only scan black and white.

  2. Mask all the light from the light source that is not directly under the film holder. Also scanning in a low light environment helps a lot, so close the curtains and turn off any lights.

  3. I’m afraid white is the worse possible color you could have printed the film holder on. You want it black, ideally. Also I had that film holder before and while it’s decent I’ve switched now to Valoi and I’m much happier.

Hope that helps!