Not the correct color, what to do?

hi there,

as you can see this is a studio photo but the colors are not correct cuz i used a white backdrop.

i’m using a epson v600 with the epson scan 2 software.

i tried everything i know… who is the perfect one to help me out with this problem?

kind regards

Try a very tight crop that eliminates the backdrop. A few posts out there deal with similar issues.


First, to someone who doesn’t know what the backdrop looked like, the colors in this look really great at first glance - great skin tones!

To improve the accuracy:

  • Since this is a TIFF, make sure that you do NOT white balance prior to conversion (it’s hard to tell, but it looks like you set a custom white balance prior to converting, when you should just leave it at 0). The pre-conversion white balancing is a step that is only necessary for RAW files, and will cause cyan color casts in tiff files
  • You may need to adjust your scan settings in EpsonScan 2 to reduce the saturation. When you are scanning as a positive, EpsonScan will add saturation (assuming it is just a regular, positive image). So you either have to reduce the saturation coming out, or there was a “no corrections” option in the original EpsonScan that would leave it neutral.

Hope that helps!

thanks but it didn’t work out

nothing worked so far! thanks for your help

The white of the eyes is white which hints at the right color lighting/balancing. If I had to remove the color of the background, I’ give It a try with the tools in Lightroom.