One photo not converting correctly

Hi! I downloaded the trial, and was able to convert 5 of the 6 scans I had correctly. But one photo is going horribly wrong! I tried redoing the white balance multiple times, but it’s just not working. This is a light, airy ocean scene.

Hi @fpb and welcome to the forum!

There is a very easy solution to this:

Just set the “BlackClip” to a negative number (like -20) and adjust it until it looks more natural (particularly in the sky transition).

That should be all you need, but if that doesn’t produce a good result for some reason, here are two other things you could try:

  1. Unconvert the image (Convert tab > Unconvert). Then recrop to include some border area, reopen NLP, set “border buffer” to 0, and then reconvert.
  2. You could also create a new Roll Analysis using just the images that did convert well, and then apply that Roll Analysis to this image (in this case, you may also want to try different “Roll Process” options to see which one gives you the most natural tonality).

Hope that helps!

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That helped! Thank you! Why did it do it to this particular photo?

When you are using the individual analysis, it builds the analysis based solely off of what’s in the frame at the time of conversion. In cases where there isn’t a good reference for true black or true white in the scene, it can throw off where it sets the blackClip point.

This is one of the reasons that I made the Roll Analysis feature, as it is a bit more robust in this type of scenario since it can draw on the other images for greater context.


thanks! will be fun to test it out