Opticfilm 8100 workflow

Hi! I’ve been using NLP with the opticfilm 8100 for the past year and have been very impressed by the results! I just have a few questions regarding the best method to down sample the high DPI scans.

As of now I am scanning my negatives using Vuescan and the 8100 following the NLP instructions scanning at the max DPI (because through my testing gives me sharper results).

Next, I import the large (400MB) DNG raws into lightroom and run the NLP metadata tool, and export as a new DNG raw, at half the DPI.

I then import these smaller and more efficient files and do my edits from there (That way i get the maximum fidelity my scanner allows without super big files or slow editing times).

When importing the DNGs generated by lightroom what is the recomended procedure?
Should I run the update DNG’s again and set the source to Vuescan DNG?

Looking forward to your guys’s opinions!


I am dealing with the same situation, would love to hear some peoples opinions on this :slight_smile:

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