Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anybody know anyway I can reset the number of authorized computers in my license? I’m in a situation where I just had to reinstall my computer completely and now NLP is showing the “OUT OF LICENSE” message. I’ve been trying to email Nate but it’s the holiday season so he was not able to get back to me yet.

Thanks again

Hi! Any updates on this? I will probably run into the same issue soon, since I plan to reinstall my computer.

Unfortunately no, I’m still waiting…

Hi @vtran - can you email me or private message me here? I can’t find any emails from you, just need to know the email you used for purchase so I can update your license.

For anyone else experiencing the problem, email me at nate@natephotographic.com with a screenshot of the error you are receiving when activating.

There was an issue with some earlier version of Lightroom (at least LR Classic 8.4) where it was dropping the registration credentials. Also there was an issue with NLP v2.1.0 (fixed in v2.1.2) where double-clicking instead of single-clicking the registration button could cause issues.


Hey Nate!
Yup, just emailed you. Let me know if you need anything from me.
Thanks again

Hi Nate,

I am also having this issue “ERROR: OUT OF LICENCES” - This key has been used too many times.
I have sent you an email @ nate@natephotographic.com with a screen shot of error message and license key.


I had been having the same issue today! I have been having the same issue. I also just sent you a DM here, thanks!

(and sorry for the annoyance)

Hey guys. I have the same issue. my purchase code doesnt work.
@nate i sent you an email right now. would be great, if you could checkt it. thanks.

Hello, I have the same error. I sent you an e-mail a few days ago but you haven’t answered. I wish I could re-activate the NLP license key since I can’t use it right now.

I also have this issue. already send an email to you. Please help me, I really need to use it :slight_smile:

FYI ,the mail account name starts with ‘warat’.

Hey guys. I have the same issue. my license key doesnt work.