Persistent Negative Lab Interface

Hey now,
First off I should say that I have grown to really appreciate the workflow improvement that NLP affords one when you are trying to get up to production speed. I’m still not “fast” but the Nikon is way slower than any machine I ever printed on… so, yeah, that’s my story.

Anyway, one key for me has been to actually buckle down and develop enough muscle memory that I’m accomplishing tasks that don’t require granular / local adjustments in NLP and avoiding LR as much as possible. One of the bits of muscle memory that I’m practicing quite a bit is the hot-key to open NLP. Which got me to wondering if it would be possible that, instead of closing when you finalize adjustments, it apply the changes and remain active so that I could simply move on to the next frame?



You can select a bunch of images and convert then in one step. I find that results don’t change much (if at all) when I convert one by one or * several* negatives at once.


This is something that is in the works for v3.0!


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Hi Digitizer,
I do batch convert them but, I also go through the whole roll and individually tweak the settings for each frame. My workflow is along these lines:

Scan the whole roll using a Nikon 4K / Vuescan into a folder full of DNGs
Import the batch into LR
Apply the profile, and crop the first one –sync crop and profile to all images
Use NLP to batch invert
Back to LR to rotate and adjust crop as necessary
Step through each image and adjust as necessary
(Make a tiff and R/T through PS if necessary to repair / dust / etc.,)
Add finished images to SmugMug Publish
Send the D/L link

Because the scan and the tweak steps are way slower than import / convert / rotate, etc., I try to batch operations to maximize production. If I get enough rolls ahead of myself I can cheerfully do detail work while the scanner grinds away.


This is no less than awesome. If I was a gambler I’d throw a bunch more out there figuring that, with my initial luck, I’d be likely to really hit the jackpot.