Photoshop Neural Filters

Does anyone have any best practices with regard to using the Neural Filters in Photoshop on files that have been converted with Negative Lab Pro?

I’ve had great success scanning the film negatives as DNG files, importing them into Lightroom, converting them with Negative Lab Pro, and made as many edits as I could with the tools Lightroom offers (crop, remove tool, etc.). My next step is to use some of the Neural Filters in Photoshop to make the additonal adjustments needed (e.g. eye direction, skin smoothing, etc.), but I’m not sure the best way to get the photo into Photoshop while keeping the file as a DNG.

The only way I could figure otu was to export the photo with Lightroom Preset “Export to DNG”, make the edits Photoshop, then reimport the DNG back into Lightroom, but I think that is going to cause problems with the catalog.

I noticed if I right click the photo that I can choose “edit in” and “photoshop”, but the photo gets converted from DNG to TIFF (unless I’m missing a setting somewhere).

I’ve used Photoshop for years and only using Lightroom for the first time so I can use NLP. Since it seems that the NLP edits are saved only in the Lightroom catalog, I’m just not sure what steps are recommended to keep the photo with NLP edits in Lightroom while also being able to take advantage of the Neural FIlters in Photoshop.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.