Creating flat files for photoshop


Im using NEG LAB PRO V3.0.2

Im coverting DrumScans that are supplied to me as Tiffs and so selecting tiff in the drop-down options before hitting CONVERT.

My question is. Is it okay to export the files as a LINEAR FLAT and neutral file to then work on in photoshop? Will i lose any information ie colour depth etc? Will working on a linear flat file in photoshop give me limited results compared to a file that has been exported with more contrast etc? For example, can i take a linear flat tiff in photoshop and bring it up to the same level of colour and clarity as say a file that has been exported as LAB Hard?

Thank you

When posting about Image Conversion Issues, please include the following information:

  1. Which version of Negative Lab Pro are you using?

  2. If using DSLR scanning, please include: 1) camera make/model, 2) lens make/model, 3) light source make/model

  3. If using film scanner, please include: 1) scanner make/model, 2) software used for scanning, 3) settings used for scanning

  4. Please add the conversion you are having difficulty with, along with a short description of what you are seeing wrong with it.

  5. It’s not required, but it’s very helpful if you can provide a link to the original RAW or TIFF negative before conversion. If you don’t want to share this file publicly, you can also email it to me at

No worries: NLP has many options to chose from. They are starting points and you can use the one that best suits your needs. Depending on the starting point, the road to your targeted look will be different though. That’s all.