Tiff copy is still a Positive

Using Ver.2.3 I’m converting via Epson v850 Positive scan as a tiff 48-24bit. After converting and saving a tiff copy once I’m in Lightroom it shows a stack of two photos. I use i to switch to the tiff file so I can further edit in LR but the copy tiff is still a positive and all sliders are backwards. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious but I can’t figure it out. Thanks Casey

When posting about Image Conversion Issues, please include the following information:

  1. Which version of Negative Lab Pro are you using?

  2. If using DSLR scanning, please include: 1) camera make/model, 2) lens make/model, 3) light source make/model

  3. If using film scanner, please include: 1) scanner make/model, 2) software used for scanning, 3) settings used for scanning

  4. Please add the conversion you are having difficulty with, along with a short description of what you are seeing wrong with it.

  5. It’s not required, but it’s very helpful if you can provide a link to the original RAW or TIFF negative before conversion. If you don’t want to share this file publicly, you can also email it to me at nate@natephotographic.com

I’d be interested to hear about this as well. I’ve watched some videos and when people create a positive copy lightroom edits like normal, but for me its all reversed still.

Was there ever a solution to this? I can’t seem to work out how to create a negative copy, it simply creates another positive TIFF file?