Negatives not being converted

Hello, I’m trying to convert a bunch of photos from a expired film I found in a relative’s camera and NLP is converting some of them and others not (same settings).

This is an example of a photo that is not being converted.
I’m using Basic Color Model, Pre-saturation 3 and Border Buffer 5% and it’s staying negative :frowning:

I don’t expect a perfect photo obviously because it’s expired as hell, but I think it’s weird it doesn’t even try to positive it

thank you!

How was this scanned?
Is it 16bit/channel or 8bit/channel?

Even it if is 16-bit TIFF (65,536 levels of data), the editing controls in Lightroom are only 8-bit (256 levels of control). So in cases like this, the available data is so narrow that there is literally not enough room in Lightroom to properly invert.

If you can rescan in a way that is a bit brighter and is raw (Vuescan DNG or Silverfast DNG) that will provide better data.

If it is an 16-bit linear tiff, you can also use the Tiff Prep Utility to prepare for better use in Lightroom… that utility is getting a big improvement in a few days with v2.1, so worth trying then.

Creator of Negative Lab Pro.

I’m scanning with an Epson Scan with 48-bit color.

I’ll try the Tiff Prep. Rescanning is hard because I’m using a scanner in a public lab in my city so I go there with my negatives and I leave with a bunch of digital negatives without knowing if they will come up correctly, because I don’t want to put my NLP license there :joy:

I guess I need to learn to “read” the negatives better so this doesnt happen

Hmm… that’s strange because Epson Scan I believe is either gamma 2.2 or 1.8… it should definitely NOT be looking this dark coming out of Epson Scan!!!

Are you certain that you have the document type set to “film” (Scanning Film Negatives with Epson Scan and Negative Lab Pro)… it’s so dark it almost looks like it was just using the regular scanner instead of the film scanner…

Yeah, it had a good setting, I also scanned non-expired negatives and they came out perfect.
I just used the Tiff Prep and it worked awesome! :smiley: That is what I needed.

Off-topic in case you can advise me: Should I set border buffer as 0% if I crop the borders? In some cropped images without borders it gives different results if it’s 5% (default value) or 0%