Can't get the teal out of my images

Hello folks,
New user of Negative Lab Pro and I was very excited to start using the software, but it seems as though I am not able to figure it out. I am using a Epson V550 flatbed scanner and scanning the negatives as a TIF. I am following all of the instructions as far TIF files go by not white balancing in Lightroom, but every time I convert an image it comes out super teal and inaccurate. Was wondering if someone could help out! Thanks!
Direct negative as a jpg


image once converted

How about this:

Before converting, I cropped the image just below the treetops to get rid of the sky which is fairly featureless and almost completely blown. Un-cropped again after conversion.

  • You can reduce highlight clip (second tab of NLP) to regain some detail in the highlights.
  • Try the other sliders and see what they do… some might bring back the teal.

Check this post for additional hints:

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It just needs color balancing. There are a couple of ways you can do this:

(Examples shown using NLP v2.2, which is currently in beta)

  1. Use “AutoWarm” - this uses an analysis of the image to find the right wb settings to correct any blue/teal tints. I have this set up as my default setting, so when I convert it is already on this setting.

Here’s what your conversion looks like with AutoWarm.

  1. Use the Color Picker or just adjust manually

New in v2.2, you can use a Color Picker to select a neutral grey area and it will balance it for you. Or you can just use the Temp/Tint sliders in NLP to correct manually.