Plugin Dialog crashes, no error message

Hey everybody,

I just wanted to try out NLP, but I cannot make it work:
1.) Installation went well
2.) I prepared the DNG or TIF scans as suggested
3.) When hitting convert, the progress bar is appearing, but nothing changes in the image. (Only the trial counter decreases)
4.) There is no error message, the NLP-Dialog simply closes and I cannot find the converted file anywhere. Is there a troubleshooting-log somewhere?

I did try it with DNG and TIF, both scanned with Epson and Silverfast, and try to carefully follow the instructions.

Here are my settings:
-> LrC: 9.4
-> NLP: 2.1.2
-> OSX: 10.15.6

Hope somebody can help.


Are you sure you’re not accidentally hitting the “Apply” button instead of hitting the “Convert Negatives” button? That would describe what you are seeing. The trial counter will only decrease when you hit the apply button.

:smiley: Thank you, you are totally correct. I seldom laughed so much about myself. Thanks for the fast and easy help!

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