Hey Nate, I haven’t quite figured out pre-saturation, I just the default 3 but wondering sometimes if I should be choosing another setting as some of my scans look quite over exposed. Thanks for any thoughts on this.


Pre-saturation is not really related to exposure… if you find that your scans typically look overexposed or “washed out”, try starting with the “linear + gamma” profile and adjust brightness from there!

The pre-saturation setting will impact the vividness and color separation of the resulting photo, and is a way for me to normalize saturation across various input methods (like DSLR scanning vs Flatbed Scanners).

I would suggest making a few virtual copies of a negative, and trying at various levels of pre-saturation to get a sense of what it is doing… a lower pre-saturation can sometimes get closers to the look produced by a traditional lab scanner, where it feels like there is a limited palette of hues, whereas a higher pre-saturation will create more distinction and separation between hues… so it is a bit of different effect than typical saturation.



Cheers Nate. Got it.