Over the top contrasty converts and vivid colour, what's going on?

Here are some samples, what is going on here.
I DLSR scan, flat, LED light by JJC in Raw.
Copy to LR.
White balance. Crop. Convert. Basic setting, saturation 3. Convert.
These look hyper contrasty, colours are right up and it just looks crazy.
Not so much like a film photo but an instagram filter or something.


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Have you tried with lower initial saturation and the things outlined in the user guide?

Hey! I have yes, from start to finish I’ve followed it. Somethings amiss.


A few things.

First, if you find the initial setting has too much contrast, I would first try to change the Tone Profile to one of the “cinematic” or “linear” options. The default Lab tone profiles have some contrast built in. If it is still too contrasty after that, you can either try lowing the “contrast” slider, or you can try setting the “blackClip” and “whiteClip” to negative values.

Second, you can see some orange haze in this photo particularly on the edges of the photo. This is usually due to an issue with the digitization setup, most often caused by not masking out the direct light of your light table. Fixing this issue will make your conversions look much better in general!

Hope that helps!

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Just to illustrate, here are example settings for low contrast (thanks for sharing RAW file)…

And here’s how it looks fixing the lens flare from the unmasked light source (I’ve used a radial gradient in LR, but of course, it would be best to fix in the setup itself)


Hi Nate,

Thanks for the detailed reply, i’m very keen to get this process working well!
I’ve moved these sliders and profiles. Here’s a previous conversion I made using NLP + an iphone as the backlight and a makeshift negative holder, using the same camera.

I’m suprised that with a JJC branded proper negative scanning light and holder it might be giving worse results and the orange haze!
I know you’re not here to give product advice, but this is what i’m using and if the digitizing setup is causing the odd scans i’ll have to swap it out!

Thanks again! Love your work for the film community :slight_smile:

There are a lot of factors at play, but whenever you have an intense light source pointed straight at a lens, it’s possible to run into this issue. The more you can do to keep the light from directly hitting your lens while still ensuring it is evenly illuminating your negative, the better results you will see.

My pleasure! :blush: