Color Luminance Variance Question

(Using Negative Lab Pro 2.3, scanning with Negative Supply 99CRI light and Canon R5 in RAW.)

Hello! I recently started using Negative Lab Pro last month and have loved the results so far. I just have one question: I have noticed that changing the exposure of my R5 while scanning has a profound impact on the colors of the film.

Cinestill 800t on a Pentax MX, 40mm 2.8

I’ve attached these two photos as an example. One photo was slightly over exposed on the R5 while one was slightly under (nothing clipping, lots of detail there.) Both at ISO 100, f11. As you can see, the color luminance and saturations vary quite a bit between the two. The photo which was a bit overexposed (right) has lighter blue tones but darker reds, while the underexposed one is the opposite. The difference looks much more extreme when you toggle between the two than side by side, but it will only let me upload one at a time.

Note the difference between these two was probably only about 1 or 1.5 stops in camera. I also didn’t touch anything besides just hitting convert. Anyone understand what mechanism is causing this? Is it something to do with the response curve of my R5 or the way in which Negative Lab Pro analyzes the image? What exposure would I use in order to obtain the most “accurate” color values. This isn’t necessarily an issue for me but I would like to understand the process.

Thanks in advance!!