Problem with a picture


my name is Florian and i have a problem with a picture.

A few days ago, i get my scans from the lab. Today the negative ones were in the mailbox.

In the future, however, I would like to develop and scan my pictures myself.

That’s why I bought the plugin and I’m really excited. Now, however, I wanted to see how the results differ between the frontier scanner and Negativ Lab Pro. And with one picture I just get stuck.

I photographed the negative with a Sony Alpha 7II. The Sigma 105 Macro served as my lens. As a Lightpad I used the Kaiser (5000k).
I am using the current NLP version an i have considered all the steps described in the tutorial.

I have attached both the picture from the lab and my RAW file:

Maybe someone can help me?

Sorry, the picture is from a Fuji Pro 400H.

Greetings from germany


Welcome to the forum - and you start off with a really difficult image:

Look at the orange area in the middle of the image! Depending on “color” setting, the blotch can get more or less impressive.

Look for hints regarding such phenomena, they have been covered in this forum a few times. Usually, they result from less than optimal lighting conditions like stray light or reflections of the lens etc. - and sometimes they’re in the original negative.

I converted the image manually and enhanced the blotch for mood - a warm heart in a cold land.