Problems Retaining the Sky’s Original Blue

I am having issues converting the sky in my scans, especially in images that were taken in a more urban environment (I’m using NLP 3).
Here is a link to the RAW scan: Scan Examples - Google Drive.

The image was shot in the middle of the day, and there was a bright blue sky, but when I convert it the sky (the entire image) ends up very gray without almost any blue. I don’t know how to fix it, other than by using photoshop to add artificial blue to the sky in the final image. I have tried tweaking all the NLP colour sliders around and I’ve also tried cropping into the building more for the conversion to reduce the amount of sky.

Nothing though seems to help bring back even a little bit of the sky’s colour, if anyone has any tips or tricks they know to help fix this issue they would be greatly appreciated!
(@nate is this issue though possibly something to due to NLP itself, on how it converts images with lots of blue?)

Don’t play with the slides. I think is more a matter of the WB profile and the initial profile before clicking converting (frontier, neutral and so on).

Try also the presets made for the differents film stocks.

Hi @Sethsg

Our perception of color is very closely tied to brightness.

A rich dark blue will appear more saturated than a bright blue, even if their saturation values are similar.

For instance, the only setting change between these two images is the brightness slider:

The only change is that “Brightness” is set to -33, and see how much richer it appears!

Also, with the brightness reduced to a level that I think better suits the negative, you can see that there appears to be some issues with the negative itself… you can see what appears to be some staining and discoloration on the negative (see how pure the blue is on the very far right side of the negative, but then quickly becomes somewhat discolored). It could be that something went wrong during development or digitization.

Okay, thanks for the tips! I’ll try scanning the negative again (it was one of the first ones I did) and see if that was the problem, I’m pretty sure the negative itself is fine so it was likely something during scanning I did wrong that’s giving the weird blue cast (over the whole image). Also, the film camera I used for this roll is really old, and Russian, so I wonder if it could also be something to do with the coatings on the lens and the really bright sunlight. :man_shrugging:t3:

That could very well be what is going on here.