Problems with the roll analysis function

Hi there

I’ve had several problems with roll analysis of V3.0.
First of all, right after converting, some images get a very stop blue cast, impossible to correct with the WB setting. The only way to get a correct conversion is to cancel roll analysis for the frame. This issue seems to occur with very dense negatives. (I kept the same setting while scanning the roll). Example with [top left]/without roll analysis [top right]:

Another issue, maybe related to roll analysis: after converting a whole roll, all images turned out fine. But after quitting/launching LR, as I open NLP on an image to edit, the converted image is very different from the preview (shadows are crushed most of the time). It can be approximately fixed with setting black clip to around -22 but it is still annoying. Example above: screenshots of the LR preview in the developing tab without [bottom left]/with opening NLP [bottom right]. This happened only with one roll.


First, can you confirm you are on the latest version (v3.0.2)? Some of the issues you describe sound like issues which were fixed in v3.0.2.

If you are on v3.0.2, can you please email me a link to the RAW files of the roll (you can use WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc) so I can investigate what is going on? I’m curious to see if I run into the same issues or if there is perhaps something going wrong with your copy.


Thank you for your quick reply! You’re right, both issues are fixes with 3.0.2 (I didn’t know this version had been released).
Thank you again!

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