Roll analysis of previous conversion not working

Hello - I just upgraded LRCC to 13.01 and upgraded NLP to V3. Followed these directions for a roll previously converted under NLP 2 and nothing happens. Nothing at all. No new roll with new name, no Rolls in Application Support folder. What’s going wrong here?
To use Roll Analysis on previous conversions, simply:

  1. Select a group of your already converted images (preferably a single roll)
  2. Open Negative Lab Pro
  3. Go to the Roll tab and click Create New Roll
  4. Give your roll a name, and add it to a group if you’d like to organize it

Adding to this: I restarted LR and selected a different set of converted images to test with NLP. Now NLP doesn’t open at all, even after showing the message that indicates it’s opening (can’t recall the message contents because it flashes across the screen too fast.) Is NLP corrupted, or is this a bug? Or ???