Profile mismatch?

I upgraded to V3, and decided to unconvert an image that was converted under V2, then convert it using V3.

After unconverting, I selected the following settings:

CleanShot 2023-12-07 at 14.59.42@2x

After conversation the image profile shows as Negative Lab v2.3-Frontier

Is that correct?

The profile version is the version of the profile, not the version of NLP. The latest profile version is 2.3.

The bit that confused me was that “Color model: Basic” turned into a Frontier scanner profile. I’ve read a few posts that have been confused that the profile versions are 2.x, with NLP 3.x. Might be less confusing for users to remove the 2.x numbering from the profiles, and keep it as internal data if needed by NLP.